Celebrate with us!

About Ecovents

Ecovents is a full service event planning company specializing in green celebrations.

We have two venues:  The UpTexas Chapel and the Bremen Town Ballroom, both in downtown Millheim, Pennsylvania.  The Chapel is perfect for wedding ceremonies, film, theatre, and live music.  The Ballroom is extremely versatile and can be used for a number of activities–from dancing, live music, banquets, education, commercial cooking, parties, and more.

Ecovents often works off-site as a caterer that relies heavily on whole foods grown locally.  We try to customize our menus to suit the specific needs of each event and using in-season food.  We will post past menus on this blog so check back frequently!

Zero-Waste Management
At a number of local events, Ecovents provides zero-waste sta

Outdoor wedding pergola

tions which collect recyclables, compost, and trash.  We work with event planners to ensure that the waste stream is managed early in the planning process so that vendors, organizers, and event goers utilize reusable, recyclable, or compostable plates & cutlery.

Event Planning
Ecovents is the Festival Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Organic FarmFest, hosted by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.  We also host a number of events in the UpTexas Chapel and the Bremen Town Ballroom, including an annual Handmade Holiday Market, Gear Swaps, Film Nights, and more.


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